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 Android: Receiving NMEA over Wi-Fi (from Condor)
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Posted - 20/03/2017 :  10:31:29  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Condor Soaring is a great simulation to try stuff and learn (or teach other people) using LK8000 properly, so it would be really nice if we could receive NMEA output from Condor over WiFi network on Android devices.
We only need TCP port option under Condor device type. This is already implemented in XCSoar, so I guess it should not be too complicated to port it to LK8000.
PC side setting is not too complicated:
(copied from

1) Download com0com from (32 bit PC) or (64 bit PC)
If you don't know which you have, it's probably 32 bit :)

a: Extract ZIP file to a temporary directory and run setup.exe
b: Leave 'Start Menu Shortcuts' and 'CNCA0<->CNCB0' options ticked
c: Install to a directory of your choice.
d: Untick 'Launch Setup Command Prompt' and 'Show Readme'
e: Finish
f: (Remove temporary directory)

2) Download hub4com from

a: To install, extract contents of ZIP file to a directory of your
choice (Example C:\Program Files\hub4com)


1) Configure the flight simulation software

a: Set windowed display mode for testing.
Condor: Enter Condor's 'Setup' screen and select 'Windowed'. Set
screen resolution to something low (eg 800x600)

b: Enable NMEA output
Condor: Go to the 'Options' page and in the 'NMEA output' frame, tick
'Enable'. Under 'Port', select 'CNCA0'

2) Obtain your Android device's IP address on the network

a: On your Android device, go to the Android Settings page.

b: Choose the 'Wireless & Networks' option.

c: Verify that 'Wi-Fi' is ticked and that you are connected to the wifi network.

d: Choose 'Wi-Fi settings'

e: In the 'Wi-Fi networks' list, the top entry is the network you are
currently connected to. Tap on it to bring up an information list.

f: Note down the IP address eg

The next step would be configuring TCP port and IP address under Condor device on LK8000, but right now there are only TCPServer and TCPClient options which do not work on Android.

Any thoughts on this?

Best regards,


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Posted - 20/03/2017 :  10:40:30  Show Profile  Visit AlphaLima's Homepage  Reply with Quote
TCPServer and TCPClient work fine with LK8000 on android!
BTW: there is already a harware for GPS <-> WiFi feeding described here:

Edited by - AlphaLima on 20/03/2017 10:42:29
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Posted - 20/03/2017 :  13:19:52  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dear Vinko,
everything you need to connect your LK8000 on Android to Condor is already available.
Download a Virtual Serial Port Emulator (there are few available for free, on line). First of all the Android device and the PC must be connected to the same router. On the VSPE make a virtual COM and then a virtual TCP Client. On LK8000 setup a Device having Name="Condor" and Port="TCPServer".
In Condor activate the NMEA traffic and select the virtual COM made in the VSPE. At this point, running a scenario you should get NMEA data into LK8000.

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Posted - 20/03/2017 :  19:40:09  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thank you! I tried everything but could not find instructions for this.
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Posted - 21/03/2017 :  22:30:40  Show Profile  Visit sasa's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Try this script:
hub4com  --create-filter=pin2con --add-filters=0:pin2con \\.\CNCB0 --use-driver=tcp --reconnect=1000
Adjust IP address ( and probably virtual port (CNCB0)

My config:
com0com: I have 1 virtual port pair CNCA0 & CNCB0
Condor: I set CNCA0 as serial port for NMEA output
XCSoar, TopHat: Condor Soaring Simulator, TCP_Port:4353
LK8000: Condor, TCPServer:4353

Best regards,

Edited by - sasa on 22/03/2017 11:39:49
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Posted - 22/03/2017 :  09:13:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks! I found even simpler solution. Here are all the steps for less experienced users:

1. Install HW VSP3 - Virtual Serial Port.
You can choose standalone installation (without Server/Client option)

2. PC and Android phone must be connected to same WiFi router

3. Note Android IP address (Goto WiFi settings and touch current WiFi network), e.g.

4. In LK8000 FLY mode go to Config 2/3 > LK8000 Setup > Device Setup > Device B:
Name: Condor
Port: TCPServer
Port: 4353 (note this number if different because you have to enter it into TCP Client in HW VSP3)

5. Start Condor, go to Setup > Options > NMEA Output and check number of the last existing COM port (e.g. COM9). Exit Condor.

6. Start HW VSP3, go to Virtual Serial Port tab and set:
Port name: COM12 (Choose COM number higher than the last existing one in step 5)
IP Address: Android IP on WiFi network (e.g.
Port: 4353 (port from LK8000 device B configuration)

Click "Create COM", leave HW VSP3 window in the background.

7. Start Condor, in Setup > Options enable NMEA output and choose virtual com port (e.g. COM12 created in step 6)

8. Start flight!

Next time you want to fly, you only need to start HW VSP3, go to Virtual Serial Port tab and click "Create COM" before starting Condor.

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Posted - 25/04/2020 :  08:23:05  Show Profile  Visit JBlyth's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I had a lot of trouble getting the WiFi virtual com connection to work UNTIL I TURNED OFF IIS on my computer.

Now the connection between Condor 2 and my spare Android phone is perfect...
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 25/04/2020 :  09:59:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Works well with Bluetooth.
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Posted - 27/04/2020 :  16:12:43  Show Profile  Visit JBlyth's Homepage  Reply with Quote
You are right, Dave. In the end I went bluetooth. On an Android device, the bluetooth setup is really easy. I had more trouble when trying to use a second laptop (Microsoft Go) as the LK8000 external device for Condor 2.

In the end I had to set up a OUTGOING bluetooth com port on the second laptop and point it directly to the bluetooth INPUT port of the Condor laptop. If they don't already exist on your computers, you need to add these Com Ports. You would think it would be the other way around, but that's what worked for me...

The only issue I have come across using LK8000 on a touch screen laptop is that I seem to need to double tap the map screen to replicate a single tap.

It's an absolute pain, but I am looking for a solution. As mentioned elsewhere, it is only the MAP screen that needs a double tap. Config menu items all work with a single tap. Mouse works normally with a single click.

Edited by - JBlyth on 27/04/2020 16:15:56
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