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Posted - 18/02/2011 :  13:00:48  Show Profile  Visit Coolwind's Homepage  Reply with Quote
You can now download the 2.1C version of LK from

Thanks to (alpha order): Kalman, Mat, Richard.

This is an upgrade version over 2.0b, and NOT a standalone version.
If you don't understand the difference, do not download it please.
The 2.1B is adding new Language message for ENGLISH, which may no more be compatible with early versions of 2.0. You may need to download the 2.0b again in order to get an updated version too.
If you don't understand the above, please do not download 2.1b.
We are though confident that this version has no critical problems and can be used for flights.

- If you are using thousands of waypoints, please check this version too because it has solved many speed problems there.

In details, here it is what has changed.


VERSION 2.1c 110218


- Task declaration for LX Nano, LX Colibri
- Transparent Variometer Bar (options selectable inside variometer bar color config)
- New custom device LK8EX1 for external instruments sending baro and vario to LK


- Heap space memory check (TO USE!)
- Center area for nearest pages selection is enlarged
- Startup sequence will issue more detailed messages if directories are missing,
pointing the user to the real problem and solution

- 2.1b problem with tokens over 999
- 2.1b bug DSX coordinates in task declaration (not a Mat's bug! Specs were wrong).
- 2.1b bug Battery Level warnings would crash the software
- OAT Outside Air Temperature not shown below 1 C degree. Now valid from -50 to 99C



- Logger fields "Competition Class" and "Competition ID".
Class example> Standard ID Example> AG

- Airspace Class G

- Semi-transparent airspace area configuration. This will also fix problems on HTC D2 .
Using semitransparent will slow down a bit other devices, but only a bit.

- Transparent bottom bar, configurable inside system config menu 11 "Appearance".
Using 0% or 100% opacity will make no impact on drawing speed because alphablending will not
be used in these two cases, and by default 60% is used.
Defines how much transparent (->0%) / opaque (->100%) will be the bottom bar area on the map .
Normally the bar is black with white text, and can be reverted to white with black text on it.
Setting <30% opacity the bottom bar will be very transparent, and text color will be forced reversed.
Some combinations of opacity and reverse colors may not be suitable to navigation, but there are
infinite combinations to choose from.
Using 0% or 100% (full transparency or full opacity) will speed up the software a bit.
Another famous 8000 instrument is using 75% opacity.
Default is 60%.

- New device DSX supporting task declaration

- New device Flytec FLYSEN protocol, preliminar support

- New Com message "GPS data error " when using wrong baud rate on a com port


- Faster topology painting when huge topo maps were used.

- Waypoint Out of Terrain selection back in configuration page 1
Use "exclude" if you are loading big continental waypoint file databases

- McCready Overlay choice in Engineering menu 1 is now saved to profile


1. AutoZoom bugs:
- Changing zoom in Circling Zoom disables AutoZoom
- Changing zoom in PAN mode disables AutoZoom
- Enabling AutoZoom in PAN mode disables PAN mode
- Panorama Zoom not working when AutoZoom is enabled
- Enabling AutoZoom in Panorama Zoom destroys Panorama Zoom behavior
- AutoZoom corrupts circling and cruise zoom if waypoint switched during
circling mode

2. Other bugs:
- Changing ZOOM in PAN mode changes fly zoom
- Panorama Zoom corrupts fly zoom if fly mode (circling/cruise) change
in the meantime
- Panorama Zoom changes PAN zoom when expired
- Opening TargetPan during Panorama Zoom destroys Panorama Zoom
- Pan Mode while Panorama Zoom expiration destroys fly zoom level
- PANORAMA zoom does not remember its zoom value

New design:
1. Provides separate zoom levels for each of the following:
- CIRCLING (if CirclingZoom is enabled in SystemSetup)
2. Zoom is switched together with a switch of flight mode, and a zoom
for previous mode is always remembered and restored. Exception here is:
- AUTO_ZOOM - that when switched on will always calculate the best zoom
for the next waypoint (CRUISE zoom if a waypoint is far away
or calculated zoom if closer)
- PAN - that when switched on will init with the the zoom factor of
previous mode (current zoom factor)
- TARGET_PAN - that when switched on will always calculate the best zoom
for the presentation of the waypoint in subject
3. AutoZoom will be turned off on pilot's manual zoom change action only
if CRUISE_ZOOM is currently used. That means that a pilot can freely
adjust the zoom for circling, panorama or pan without worrying about
disabling and then a need to enable AutoZoom.
4. Advancing a waypoint to the next one when AutoZoom is enabled will
always adjust CRUISE_ZOOM only (even if not active at that moment)

. Very fast loading of big waypoint files at startup

. Faster response of user interface when using big waypoint files

. It is now possible to load over 8000 waypoints while still keeping good user interface

. Task declaration messages are more detailed
. Progress and error messages added for EW Microrecorder task declaration

. Automatic com port reset will apply after 30 seconds, previously 15 seconds, when no
nmea source feed is found.

. BestAlternate is back available also for Paragliders/Hang Gliders. Previously it was not
calculated any more, and disabled by rotary multitargets.
Para/Hang gliders disabling BestAlternate Warning inside safety config will also make it
disappear from rotary multitarget selection.


- Altitude Required (AltReqD) flipping two different values, one correct and the other wrong

- Topology labels were not correctly printed using special character sets for some languages
They may result truncated.

- Volkslogger declaration possible problem

- Wrong polar for Ventus 2cT

- Some topology/terrain shapes may not be printed (expecially water areas such as small lakes)

- Choosing Waypoint Out of Terrain as "ask" would not save correctly the choice inside profile

- Lklanguage problem with incompatible language pack may crash the software on startup

- Waypoint distance overlay did not show on the first line, right corner, in half overlay mode

- Airspaces filtering too restrictive fixed
When an aircraft was inside airspace's boundary and the Anlysis dialog
airspaces draw line did not cross that boundary (because airspace is
too big) the airspace was not printed in the Analysis Airspace dialog.

- Various communication problems solved. Sometimes a device after disconnection was no more seen until a
port reset.


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Posted - 19/02/2011 :  14:51:35  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I Have found using the PC sim mode, that there are several screens that have labels that look like _@M1024_, these show up on the main screen as well. They appear in the menu area and also in the SYS config pages. Anyone else seeing this?

Mike Long
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Posted - 19/02/2011 :  17:57:06  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have the same problem with labels om my HP314
I was using 2.0 and replaced LK8000-PNA.exe with the version of 2.1C
Did I miss some upgrade steps? I want to keep my private setup.
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Posted - 19/02/2011 :  19:19:18  Show Profile  Visit Coolwind's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Yes, you missed reading the README files in the package!!!
Copy all the files in their place, you are missing language files for 2.1c.

Edited by - Coolwind on 19/02/2011 19:22:17
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 20/02/2011 :  10:04:07  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Paolo, can you please tell me what LK8EX1 is as I don't recognise it.
Do I need to use it when trying to get my SN10 to talk to LK.
BTW the Changes files are much easier to read if opened with Word rather than a text editor. It is formatted into paragraphs.

[LK8EX1 is an experimental device driver for custom devices providing baro altitude and variometer to LK, and it is needed only when such custom devices are in use. You don't need it...]

Edited by - Coolwind on 20/02/2011 13:41:55
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Posted - 20/02/2011 :  13:16:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
When the simulation speed 20x sometimes problems with autozoom

New photos of my 7 "PNA with an external battery

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Posted - 20/02/2011 :  21:46:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
There are many calculations that wont work properly in fast replay, thats normal. Only 1 out of 20 positions are included in the calculations..

I tested 2.1c in a Condor session of about 1 hour now, and as far as I can tell it seemed to work flawlessly. Good job!
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Posted - 21/02/2011 :  00:23:41  Show Profile  Visit parapenT1sta's Homepage  Click to see parapenT1sta's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote

you have good stuff! :) LK8000 and a B1 Nav! eheh

I also have the GIN cockpit! eheh

Edited by - parapenT1sta on 21/02/2011 00:24:12
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Posted - 22/02/2011 :  02:27:23  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've been using 2.1C and I don't seem to be getting all the power warnings. I'm not getting notified when connecting external power and was not warned about declining battery capacity; the Mio M400 eventually powered off by itself.
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Posted - 22/02/2011 :  02:46:20  Show Profile  Visit Coolwind's Homepage  Reply with Quote
LK "finesse". After startup, we can assume you also may have powered the device externally. This means that the battery is under charge since a few seconds, and its charge status may be not trustable (this condition was verified). For this reason, in the first 30 seconds or so, no power warnings are given. See manual , page 95 chapter "battery manager".
If instead the battery is exhausted on powerup, you will notice it by yourself... way before starting LK.
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Posted - 23/02/2011 :  22:26:04  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Can't get the declaration to Colibri to work. Tried with two different Colibris, two PNA 314 with BT comunication and with glidertools cable and Wayteq. Everything looking good but there is no task in the Colibri.
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Posted - 23/02/2011 :  22:37:36  Show Profile  Visit Coolwind's Homepage  Reply with Quote
did you set device type LX Colibri/Nano in configuration? What port speed? Did LK say task declared?
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Posted - 23/02/2011 :  22:52:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Yes everything looks OK, LK say that the task is declared. Port speed 4800.
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Posted - 23/02/2011 :  23:29:06  Show Profile  Visit Coolwind's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Ok then we need to check! thanks
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Czech Republic
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Posted - 24/02/2011 :  08:13:19  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi 2xa,
can you please send me your turnpoints file and the declared task (.tsk file) you have problems with?
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Posted - 24/02/2011 :  19:17:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It worked exactly the same on my Colibri as 2xa described. I built rs232 converter and tested it with Mio M300 and Volkslogger. Everything worked ok (after updated LK8000 2.1C version) and declaration went to Volkslogger.

But when I tried it with Colibri, Lk8000 told that declaration ok, but there were nothing stored on Colibri.

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