Data : 01/12/2016
Commento : Ho ricevuto ieri i files relativi allo scenario West Alpi. Purtroppo dopo avere scompattato i files di attivazione ed il .exe la copia dei files si interrompe su t1343.dds. Ho effettuato il download con Google Crome. Cosa posso fare?
Voto : 10 su 10

Da : Robert Twiss
Data : 02/01/2015
Commento : Super scenery! Last summer I flew "live" in the region around Serres and Aspres. I just made a little trip from Serres to the lake of Serres Poncon and back and I really recognized the countryside! Keep on the good work!
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Da : Pierre
Data : 27/12/2014
Commento : Utilisez surtout pas GMAIL, les programmeurs ne sont pas fichus d'envoyer un fichier zip joint, l'activation est don impossible.. j'attends la réponse du support.
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Da : Paltrinieri
Data : 22/11/2014
Commento : Wonderful, I'm now learning flying in Fayence and I can find at home exactly the same fellings when flying Condor. Only on thing, the colours are a little bit dark. Thank you for your job and " forzza Italia".
Voto : 9 su 10

Da : Eric Kollgaard
Data : 29/12/2013
Commento : I own all three of your Condor scenery titles and believe they are the best available for the Condor program. I'd like to put West alpi on a second computer so I could fly together with my Grandson when he visits. Is this permissible?
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Da : Diego Ardissone
Data : 13/03/2012
Commento : Nice scenery! I only wished better airports customization... About photoreal textures, they seems to be IGM IT 2000 (italian side).
Voto : 8 su 10

Da : jean pascal
Data : 22/01/2012
Commento : reproduction des montagnes très réaliste, magnifique Mais, malgré le fait que je sois en haute résolution (1920x1080), je n'ai pas l'image des villes aussi bien représentée que sur les photos de publicité de la scène aussi j'hésite avant d'acheter les autres. j'ai pensé qu'il fallait peut-être installé le patch pour voir les villes et leurs routes ou bien dois je changer de carte graphique (radeon 1650 528 MO frame >30 images sec)?
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Da : juri bressanello
Data : 29/12/2011
Commento : it is really beautiful!!! beautiful scenery...
Voto : 9 su 10

Da : Harvey English III
Data : 25/03/2011
Commento : By far the best landscape scenery I have seen in a sim. Deserves more than a 9, but perfection is not truely attainable,
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Da : J P
Data : 29/01/2011
Commento : aprés problème install.quelques vols agréables.magnifique,moins artificiel que la concurence.félicitations.
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Da : Paret Régis
Data : 22/12/2010
Commento : Bonjour Bon travail pour cette scène je l'ai essayée au dessus de St Véran en france. Ouf sportif!! Dommage il manque l'observatoire de chateau renard ou je monte observer . Bravo !
Voto : 9 su 10

Da : Thomas Guenter
Data : 13/12/2010
Commento : This is very near real flying! Always recognize the Landscapes i flew this Summer.Cool.
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Da : Chenebon
Data : 24/09/2010
Commento : Bonjour, Amaliorations tres bonne du mesh et landclass par rapport a  WestAlpi 1. J'attends impatiemment des amaliorations sur les scenes. Felicitations pour votre travail!
Voto : 8 su 10

Da : Mathias Van Eynde
Data : 04/08/2010
Commento : good!
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Da : Graham
Data : 15/06/2010
Commento : Excellent. Actually flew at Sisteron all last week and I found that this scenery is very realistic for the area I flew in. I will certainly use it to gain further familiarity with a wider area of the West Alps before flying there again. Thanks for a great job PostFrontal.
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Da : Colin Benson
Data : 25/04/2010
Commento : Those expecting the sort of real life flight experience provided by Alpi 2 will be sorely disappointed, Resolution is low, colours are just terrible - sorry no other word for it. Le Lac du Annecy looks like a sludge pit, it is more like a field, I was tempoted to try a landing. Come on guys, sort this out and issus a patch!!!
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Data : 27/12/2009
Commento : Super, Super, Super beau. Je n'ai pas encore fait le tour de la scène, mais les parties survolées sont très réeles, avec une très bonne fluidités des FPS malgrés mon vieil ordinateur. Merci et bravo pour votre travail. Dommage que les grands axes routiers, et les fleuves ne soit pas mieux visibles, mais on s'y retrouve quand mêmes. Bravo à tous. HG2
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Da : NM
Data : 21/12/2009
Commento : Sehr schön!
Voto : 9 su 10

Da : Christian Müller
Data : 17/11/2009
Commento : Hi Postfrontal-Team Verry nice scenery. Realy like to fly there! But there are some trubles with aerotowing at the Altiports Alp d Huez and Courchevelt. The Towplane dives under the terrain after take-off and the glider crashs! Isn`t it possibel to make a RWY with an angel of elevation? That would be cool:-) Greez FDY
Voto : 8 su 10

Da : Markus
Data : 16/10/2009
Commento : Generally a nice scenery, but I don't like the unrealistic terrain colors which are too much brown. A higher resolution would be appreciated, too.
Voto : 8 su 10

Da : Stefan Luger
Data : 07/10/2009
Commento : Schliesse mich dem Kommentar von Natthi an. Farben finde ich auch schlecht, und unscharfe Details. Bitte unbedingt noch verbessern! Alpi 3 ist um längen besser!
Voto : 7 su 10

Da : Natthi
Data : 06/10/2009
Commento : Great scenery with a lot of details. It's very easy to fly without PDA. I'm just a bit disappointed by colours wich aren't enough warm for me (too grey).
Voto : 8 su 10

Da : Arturas Klimasauskas
Data : 06/10/2009
Commento : The view from far is very nice, but CONDOR is more nice with details and trees that is not many here.
Voto : 8 su 10

Da : Nicolas VDP
Data : 05/10/2009
Commento : Very Good but Alpe d'Huez is KO (plane over the runway and they are some hole on runway)
Voto : 8 su 10

Da : muller
Data : 04/10/2009
Commento : magnifique scène, FPS très bon. A recommander. Merci
Voto : 10 su 10

Da : schverdorffer
Data : 26/09/2009
Commento : tres belle scene mais couleur un peu plus vive serai mieux
Voto : 9 su 10

Da : Luis Rivellini
Data : 20/09/2009
Commento : Auch hier wieder, eine wunderschöne und vorbildlich gelungene Scenerie.Ich bevorzuge die Senerien von Postfrontal zu befliegen, so realitätnahe zu Fliegen ist einfach wunderschön. Gratulation für dieses Werk und dankeschön.
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Da : Tony Lintott
Data : 18/09/2009
Commento : Impressive detail. The FPS is very high. Slightly disappointing colours - Too blue/grey for my liking. Great job at a reasonable price. Agree with Big Mike, UK next please.
Voto : 9 su 10

Data : 16/09/2009
Commento : I've flown 3 times on this scenery. Really wonderful. It's easy to recognise spots i know, colours and contrasts are good for me. No bug at the moment. I've done a circuit where I walk: perfect. I waited for this result and i think we'll do fine flights. Really it's the scenery i prefer for I like Alps and I'm not the only one. Thanks very much for this work.
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Da : Robyfly
Data : 16/09/2009
Commento : aspettavo da parecchio questo scenario, lavoro eccezionale, complimenti.
Voto : 10 su 10

Da : Raven
Data : 16/09/2009
Commento : Another great scenery. And it works even faster than Alpi3.2. Like it very much! Keep on!
Voto : 10 su 10

Da : Big Mike
Data : 15/09/2009
Commento : Once again Postfrontal you have excelled. Another fantastic scenery set, superb graphical information allowing easy, visual navigation through stunning views :-) Please do UK NEXT ;-)
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