9th mar 2011 - PostFrontal Condor Gliding Championship 2010/11

5th jan 2010 - Alpi 3.3 update available for download!
Bluangel56 just released the new Alpi 3.3 patch.
In the 160 MB update some aifields' bugs have been corrected and new photoreal textures have been applied to the Nort-Eastern area of the scenery. Only who bought the Alpi 3 scenery before January 5th must download the patch.
The update file can be downloaded HERE.

23rd dec 2009 - West Alpi update 2.0 now available!

Thanks to another great job by Bluangel56, the 2.0 update for West Alpi has been released just before Christmas, as a present for all the customers who already bought this amazing scenery and all those who will buy it in future.
In the update the new Nizza CTR and Mandelieu airports have been added. A lot of 3D structures have been added to the french airports and all airports' bugs have been fixed. All the textures was treated to offer more realistic colors. Only who bought the scenery before December 23rd will have to download the patch.
The 2.0 update can be downloaded for free HERE.
1st oct 2009 - West Alpi Cup for Condor finished!

The West Alpi Cup is over and the statistics denotes a big success and interest during all the 15 race days:

- Kms flown (only in-task): 79.754
- Flight hours (only in-task): 539
- Total flights: 387

The podium:

1 - Karsten Leucker (Germany)
2 - Achim Holzmann (Germany)
3 - Sean Churchill (UK)

Congratulations and thank you to all the great pilots who joined the race. New competitions coming soon... Stay tuned!

The complete results can be found HERE.

12th april 2009: Visual Race System at the Trofeo Montegrappa
During the "Trofeo Montegrappa", a big free flight event held in Borso del Grappa (BL), PostFrontal was invited by Compass to perform a demo of the VRS. Thanks to the addition of paraglider and hang glider models, the races could be followed by the public with real time comment by the Italian Free Flight Federation President Luca Basso:
8th apr 2009: Visual Race System

18th mar 2009: PostFrontal on the WGC 2008 book
On the wonderful book about the 30th FAI World Gliding Championships 2008, written by Aldo Cernezzi, PostFrontal is often mentioned for the job done with the Visual Race System.
During the WGC, this allowed to see the pilots in real time and tell the races thanks to the Condor-based viewer. The system, which is actually in advanced testing with the new Safly trackers by DSX, will be very soon available to bring this stunning imagery at gliding (and other sports) races all over the World.
For any info about the system contact info@postfrontal.com

To buy the book contact directly Aldo Cernezzi: cernezzi(at)tiscali(dot)it
23 sept 2008 - Condor scenery Central Italy v2.0 now available!

After the big success of Alpi 3, PostFrontal is proud to distribute the new photoreal scenery by Bluangel56 for Condor also used for WGC Rieti 2008 races visualization: Central Italy v2.0.
Size of the new scenery: 460 x 420 KMs, for a total area of 193 thousands square KMs, (142 thousands not considering the sea area). The calibration of the scenery is as perfect as possible, with just 1 KM error on a 1000 KMs task. 100% high resolution photoreal textures. A total of 41 airports are featured in the scenery.
Orders, image gallery and further info HERE.
16 sept 2008 - The press is speaking about us!

New articles added to our Press Room (moved in the upper right corner of our home page for the occasion). The articles by the most important national and international magazines are about the PostFrontal 3D visualization system based on Condor, used to show to the public the WGC Rieti 2008 races (see video below).
8-20 jul 2008 - PostFrontal at WGC 2008
PostFrontal presented and used successfully at the Rieti WGC 2008 the virtual race viewing system based on Condor and the new Central Italy v2.0 scenery by Bluangel56, available to our customers from september.
This is a little introduction video about the system:
16th jun 2008 - PostFrontal on Volo a Vela n. 306
Added to the Press Room the Alpi 3 news published on issue 306 of the Volo a Vela magazine. As usual, thanks to the editors for their consideration and interest.
The PDF can be downloaded HERE.
11th dec 2007 - PostFrontal featured on Volare
On the december issue of the italian leading magazine Volare, a review of PostFrontal and Blu56's Condor sceneries is featured on page 87.
The PDF can be downloaded HERE.
26th jul 2007 - WGC Rieti 2007 PostFrontal Condor Cup
The Rieti World Gliding Championship committee and PostFrontal are proud to announce the WGC Rieti 2007 PostFrontal Condor Cup, an on-site unofficial virtual event parallel to the official WGC Junior races that will be held this summer in Rieti.
The race is only for the pilot's team members in Rieti.
The race can be followed on this page
7th jun 2007 - PostFrontal on Volo a Vela n. 300
It's possible to download the article Spremere tutto dal GPS by Paolo Ventafridda published on the italian leading magazine Volo a Vela. The article is about our GPS & C area.
The PDF can be downloaded from here