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 New beta 6.1G for all platforms
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Posted - 18/05/2017 :  01:03:32  Show Profile  Visit Coolwind's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Let's try again.. this is the very first beta for PC, PNA, KOBO since september. We have spent such a great deal of time on Android that we lost focus on the rest of platforms. It takes a lot of time to test, and sometimes we cannot do it. That's why beta versions are released.
Now, 6.1f has severe problems that we tracked and solved.
In 6.1g there are a lot of very nice improvements over 6.0!!

You need a full installed 6.0 version to upgrade.
If you are using 5.0, then first thing to do is upgrade to 6.0b and then to 6.1G.

Inside you find files to replace in the LK8000 folder, for PC, PNA PPC2003.
For Kobo, simply unzip the kobo version you want (normal or OTG support) and proceed to copy the .kobo folder in place.

In summary what's up in current branch:

. Airspace Class Glider Sector "GldSec" added (GSEC open airspace, GLIDING OpenAIP)
. Up to 6 devices can now be set in Device configuration
. Aircraft symbols in Aircraft configuration, choose the best for you!
. tracking mode in Pilot configuration
. Android screen orientation in System config p.22
. terrain auto-contrast in System config p.4
. Screen View menus LUMEN +- to make terrain colors lighter or darker in realtime.
(Setting is automatically saved to profile if Save Runtime is enabled in System menu 22).
. Terrain loading, on all platforms you can load any DEM size. No more limits.
. Topology labels use native UTF8 language and symbols
. Android IOIO board support (android only)
Uart 0: pin3=out, pin4=in
Uart 1: pin5=out, pin6=in
Uart 2: pin10=out, pin11=in
Uart 3: pin12=out, pin13=in
. Kernel support for Kobo Touch N905C
. Units feet/minute (ft/min)

PLEASE TRY the new LUMEN function. It is quite good in flight!!

As usual report here any problem, and save the RUNTIME.log for us.
The android 6.1g version has been released today too.

The team


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Posted - 18/05/2017 :  14:10:51  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Wooooohoooow. So happy to see this one.
Tonight, it's the first thing I'm gonna try.
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 18/05/2017 :  18:40:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Flew with it today on the V2, didn't find any problems
However: Aircraft symbols in Aircraft configuration, choose the best for you!
All I can see is a box that says Default, when tapped it is the only option. What am I missing?


Edited by - davesalmon on 19/05/2017 00:10:35
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Posted - 20/05/2017 :  01:35:39  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Error message when downloading.

"Not Found

The requested URL /LK8000/LK8000-610G-UPGRADE.ZIP was not found on this server." ??
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Andrew Mogg

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Posted - 20/05/2017 :  08:12:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Same happened to me also.
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Posted - 20/05/2017 :  20:28:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hmmmm. Kobo Glo-Issue.

Ok, not sure if this is "my" fault or something gps-module related, but...

I went from 6.0 stable to 6.1G on my Kobo.
Now it seems I can't get a Gps Valid Fix-signal, been waiting for, well, at least 45minutes.

I tried disabling the wifi, suspecting it may have something to do with "radio-disturbance". But it doesn't change a thing.
And yes, I do get normal gps-strings in the terminal.

Just to be sure, I went back to 6.0, got a ValidFix after 3minutes.

Could somebody shed some light on this? Ideas?
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New Entry

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Posted - 23/05/2017 :  10:34:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Not Found
The requested URL /LK8000/LK8000-610G-UPGRADE.ZIP was not found on this server.

i've tryed to register but this not solve :(
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Posted - 23/05/2017 :  10:45:59  Show Profile  Visit Coolwind's Homepage  Reply with Quote
6.1g is broken sorry. There is a terrain offset problem which we have already fixed but new distribution cannot be made right now.
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Posted - 23/05/2017 :  11:27:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi, is it possible to push out version 6.1F for Android to replace the broken 6.1g? I am among the early beta testers. Thanks!
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Posted - 23/05/2017 :  11:29:26  Show Profile  Visit Coolwind's Homepage  Reply with Quote
6.1f is broken too .
We should go back to 6.1e.
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Posted - 23/05/2017 :  12:53:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Is it possible to make E available again then?
For Kobo?

I'd love to test the livetrack-pilot-feature...

Edited by - fré on 23/05/2017 14:38:30
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Posted - 23/05/2017 :  13:42:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ok, hopefully it's easy for you to push a previous version out to Google Play.

For Android 6.1F seemed to be Ok.
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Marco from Hangar 5

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Posted - 23/05/2017 :  22:40:44  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have been flying with LK8000 on my google phone Nexus 5X (Android 7 something) last wednesday 17 May, and was very pleased! works fine and the Nexus 5X is sun readable if backlight is set manually to max. I only have to find a suitable mount because the generic suction cup I have.. wel.. it sucks!

I love the quick response to the button taps.. but I could not connect it with the flarm via BT, I think that is a baudrate issue, will be sorted soon, no worries about that.

But I understand that the LK8000 on Android is broken right now?, and should not be used? no problem, I still have my GG and works fine too!

One thing though, right now I have to use XCSoar for live tracking, it would be nice if Skylines is also supported in LK8000 Running LK8000 and XCsoar together is no problem. LK8000 should use the Flarm, XCsoar the internal GPS.

BU (PH-588)
Mini Nimbus HS7, s/n 039
Zweefvliegclub Den Helder, NETHERLANDS
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Aquila imperiale

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Posted - 24/05/2017 :  01:23:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
sorry for mistake with 6.1g.

i can't build new version before next week and GooglePlay don't allow to downgrade version.

if you are concerned by "shitfted terrain bug" you can revert to 6.1f using this "apk" :

Edited by - brunotl on 24/05/2017 01:23:53
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