Condor Gliding Championship 2010/11 is a new race for the Winter season brought to you by PostFrontal on the leading soaring simulator Condor.

LATEST NEWS (8th May 2011)

The Championship is over! Congratulations to all pilots!!! Final results are:
1st place: Jeroen Jennen from Belgium
2nd place: Mark Wolf from Germany
3rd place: Jens Moeller from Denmark

Winners of race and contest will be contacted for info about prizes. Stay tuned!


  • Hi-tech valuable prizes (some will be randomly drawn among all pilots) by our sponsors (Revo sunglasses, DF Sport Specialist and Silvertex clothing...)
  • The championship will be divided in 6 races, one for each month, starting from December 2010 and finishing in May 2011
  • The racing servers will be opened only one week for each month with a single task and every task will be reflyable 5 times only on-line in that week
  • All classes allowed, with handicap
  • PostFrontal's 100 Mbit/s servers with automatic FAI compliant scoring will be used for all races
  • Every race will have peculiar tasks and weather conditions selected by real life gliding champions
  • The sceneries used for the races will be Alpi 3.3, West Alpi and Central Italy by Bluangel56 (sceneries sold separately)
  • No off-line flights allowed. The race direction will verify FTR files if any doubtful result is registered. Not sending the requested file in 48 hrs. will disqualify the pilot
  • "Best screenshot" side competition: the best screenshot taken during the races using the custom skin with our sponsor's logos will win a special prize
  • Subscription fee (pay one time and fly all championship): 9,99 euro - The subscriptions will remain open until the end of the championship.


Race Name Description Difficulty Date* Scenery
Christmas Cannonball Strong winds from the North and very powerful thermals for a funny opening task Easy 15-22 December 2010 Alpi 3.3
Lakes Cup A wonderful panoramic task to enjoy the beautiful lakes of Northern Italy Easy 15-22 January 2011 Alpi 3.3
Dolomiten! Live the fascination of one of the most amazing mountain chains in the World Medium 1-8 February 2011 Alpi 3.3
Postcards from Rieti Race one of the most enthusiastic tasks ever created for the Central Italy area Medium 1-8 March 2011 Central Italy
Westlands Extravaganza Fly over the French Alps and enjoy the view... but watchout for the weather Hard 1-8 April 2011 West Alpi
Higher and Higher Wave and very strong turbolence will make this final flight a real challenge Hard 1-8 May 2011 West Alpi

* All servers open and close at 15:00 (3 PM) CET (GMT + 1)


# Pilot CN Country
1 Stephen Binks SWB Australia
2 Hans-peter Tatschl HTP Austria
3 Hubert Szekely 70 Austria
4 Werner Pirker WER Austria
5 Jeroen Jennen JJJ Belgium
6 Simon Berx S1 Belgium
7 Ivan Runtic 88 Croatia
8 Zoran Okara ZO Croatia
9 Jens Møller DK2 Denmark
10 Ole møller Kaspersen 12 Denmark
11 Sejr Uller SU Denmark
12 Jarmo Karjalainen JKK Finland
13 Heinz Bentheim HB8 Germany
14 Marc Wolf MWO Germany
15 Peter Fabian PF Germany
16 Simon Meißner S1M Germany
17 Alberto Boria AB Italy
18 Andrea Gini AG Italy
19 Diego Gaspari bandion BND Italy
20 Erminio Giolai MC Italy
21 Lorenzo Mazzoli LM Italy
22 Lothar Platter LP Italy
23 Luigi Zampetti L08 Italy
24 Peter Teutsch TP Italy
25 Pierantonio Fassina FAX Italy
26 Alessandro Giaiotti UP Italy
27 Andrea Goldoni I85 Italy
28 Domenico Bosco KDB Italy
29 Fransois Seijffert SOI Netherlands
30 Jan van Stratum TP2 Netherlands
31 Beat Scherrer XT Switzerland
32 Christian Gysel CG Switzerland
33 Vincent Liardet 79 Switzerland
34 Andrew Mckittrick AM USA
35 Leslie Snively MAS USA
36 Sean Fidler AMF USA
37 Sean Fidler F2 USA
38 John Farley EXE United Kingdom
39 Mike Marshall KTM United Kingdom
40 Nigel Morris NM1 United Kingdom
41 Paul Cavill PC United Kingdom
42 Ray Ball RAY United Kingdom
43 Stelios Stylianou 404 United Kingdom

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